(Late) Dr.K.V.Hariharan was a Great Teacher, Writer, Academician, Historian and a True Nationalist.

Dr.K.V.Hariharan is a great teacher, writer, educationist and a true nationalist. The founder of KARMA Trust interacted with him several times over the years and had privilege of learning from his experience, knowledge and wisdom. He also helped several maritime students. His values are incorporated in the Trust.


Dr. Hariharan displayed his passion and gusto for writing and     teaching. Founder Member of  Narotam  Morarjee Institute and has written 10 books and various research papers. Many of his books has been included as text books in the  curriculum   of Management Institutes and Logistics Courses. He is an institution in himself 1n field of MuIti-Modal Transport system and law and has also written a Book "History of Scindia" that traces the history of Indian Shipping from 19th century to 1969.