Dr.Adv.CA Rajendran Rambadran

A National Asset, Philanthropist, Educationist, Lawyer and Senior Financial consultant and Shipping Expert.

Spanning over 50 years Sri Ram Rajendran is an Maritime Expert, Lawyer and Financial consultant. During these period he working with many shipping companies such as Jayanti Shipping, SCI, Mogul Lines, again SCI,

His experience includes vast knowledge in Chartering & Shipbroking practice and  Ship acquisition matters.

RAM RAJENDRAN  had overseen & managed Floating Staff (Crew & officers) salary, Payment management & Accounting with distinction.

He was Internal Auditor for accounts

He was heading for some time Bills department verification scrutiny and Payment

He has overseen various aspects connected with Bulk Carrier Chartering, Tanker Chartering, Dry Docking, Repairs, Spare parts purchase and he has vast knowledge in that.

He has also experience in the Provision and Ship chandelling management matters.

He headed in various capcities division of Acid Carriers, Ammonia Carriers (Viz Naga Parvat & Annapurna) of a Shipping company.

He was part of their Containerization Department in various capacities.

Besides the above he also headed  "The Performance and Evaluation cell" a Shipping company.

He was also involved in the Dry-dock selection of Yards at various times. He was also responsible for the Performance evaluation factor of Shipyard.

As a Lawyer he is familiar with the Maritime law and has assisted many mariners in their legal matters with distinction and success.

He is associated with educational Institutes and imparts his knowledge, Skills and Expertise to the Younger generation