A National Hero, Air Force Wing Commander(Retd), War Veteran, Author, Philanthropist and Educationist

Born in Coimbatore and educated in Chennai, Wg Cdr SS Krishnamurthy joined the IAF through NDA, Kharakvasla. He was commissioned in Jun 68 as a helicopter pilot and saw action in the 1971 war. 

He flew Bell47G3s, Chetaks, Mi 4s and Mi 8s while in the IAF and Cheetahs, Bell 206s and Bell 412s in the civil. 

After a tenure with Aviation Research Centre, he was chosen to be a part of AF team to provide logistic support in Antarctica to the Indian Scientists. 

There on, he looked after the Antarctica expeditions from the Air Headquarters.

After retiring from active flying, he trained himself to specialise in Civil Aviation Security, Flight Safety and ISO (Quality) audits. 

Presently he is settled in Mumbai and busy teaching young Mariners and "Off-shore" flyers on the aspect of off-shore flight safety.

He and his spouse are prolific story tellers and have compiled (from among their writings) a book called, "Through the Rotor Disc" - the sale proceeds have been earmarked for the Rehabilitation of the Paraplegics!!"

The following are the words from his heart as to how feels for the country!!

"As we celebrate the 75th anniversary of our Independence Day and hoist the National Flag,

I realise and am convinced that this honour is not mine alone, I am only a representative of the Indian Armed Forces in which I have had the proud privilege to serve and to have gone to war with, in 1971.

My idea of India is not only its geography and heritage but equally all its people who are as dear to me as my kith and kin.

Pl remember that the National Flag remains a-flutter not because of the wind that blows its way, but because of the breath of every single soldier, sailor and airman who gave up his/ her life to safeguard the Tricolour."